The Lawsuit Landslide: Irwin Zalkin representing ELEVEN child abuse victims against Watchtower

Friday 20th September 2013 was a sunny day in Sacramento as a small band of supporters including Kathleen Conti assembled

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“Close ranks against Satan!”: Watchtower prepares Witnesses for 2014 disappointment

For decades Witnesses have been taught that 1914 marked the beginning of a “short period of time” before Christ would

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Watchtower and Awake magazine printing down 39 percent since 2005

If you are a Witness, probably you will have noticed your Watchtower and Awake! magazines undergo some unexpected changes over

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Watchtower nets $375 million cash windfall from Brooklyn factory sale

It is being reported that the Watch Tower Society has secured a staggering $375 million deal for six of its

Read more begins accepting credit card donations

The Watch Tower Society has started to accept credit card donations directly via its official website, Anyone with a

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Why is God’s earthly organization so slow?

2012 has certainly been a very eventful year for the Watch Tower Society. Not only did they unveil a profound

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Patterson on the line: Watchtower claims that paying bond premium would lead to “immediate irreparable harm and hardship”

It has emerged that the ground-breaking Candace Conti case has taken another intriguing twist. As was reported in a previous

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Under the microscope – the Watch Tower Society’s claims to divine direction (part 1)

Part 1 – Is wondrous expansion now taking place? If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, then your whole outlook

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Branch closures and fire sales – a growing trend for the Society?

As explained in the previous article, it is becoming increasingly evident that the Watch Tower Society has entered a period

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