Science-denial to be a regular feature of Watchtower’s monthly JW Broadcasting episodes

Watchtower has a long and ignominious history with its forays into the realm of science. Charles Taze Russell’s 1914 film The Photo-Drama

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What is JWsurvey’s approach to science, religion and the bible?

Frequent visitors to JWsurvey will be familiar with this website’s posting guidelines for comments, which include the following rule regarding

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Watchtower AGAIN misquotes scientist to argue against evolution – and this time, it’s personal!

It has long been known that, when it comes to their efforts to discredit evolution, Watchtower writers are more than

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Busted! – Recently disfellowshipped son finds shocking misquote in ‘Creation’ book

“Just move on” is what Watchtower ideally prefers former Witnesses to do after leaving the organization. So-called ‘apostates’ are urged

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Why Watchtower has no place criticizing other Christian faiths as unscientific

Regular visitors to this website will be aware that I welcome readers of all religious or non-religious backgrounds and persuasions.

Read more’s identity crisis: Jehovah’s Witnesses “do not agree with creationism” has posted an FAQ page in response to the question “Do You Believe in Creationism?” Watchtower’s response? “No.” The

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