Astonishing Watchtower Bethel Sex Regulations Videos Leaked

Two absolutely jaw-dropping official Jehovah’s Witness videos have just been leaked. Intended for audiences at the religion’s various headquarters around

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Echoes of the 1930s as Governing Body asks Jehovah’s Witnesses to mobilize for letter-writing campaign

As the threat of a total ban on their activities in Russia looms closer, 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses have been

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Battle of the cults: Anything JW Broadcasting can do, Scientology can do better!

Any cult operating in the information age, an era when facts can be easily verified with a few clicks on

Read more boasts of “best life ever” while pushing family ties into second place

Hot on the heels of its promotional video about the Philippines typhoon, has released a short film aimed at

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Russia threatens ban of – but is it something to celebrate? has issued a press release warning that it is due to be banned in Russia if Watchtower is unsuccessful

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The 2013 Annual Meeting video – honest highlights or bible-hugging spin? has released a polished new publicity video showing highlights from the 2013 Annual Meeting, at which the revised New

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The Watch Tower Society has started to accept credit card donations directly via its official website, Anyone with a

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