The Worst Convention Ever – Part 1: Shunning

This summer millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide will flock to their regional conventions, a much-anticipated event in the JW calendar.

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David Splane explains the overlapping generation teaching (without actually explaining it)

The September JW Broadcasting episode is now available on, and for any avid follower of goings-on at Watchtower this

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Battle of the cults: Anything JW Broadcasting can do, Scientology can do better!

Any cult operating in the information age, an era when facts can be easily verified with a few clicks on

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Hot on the heels of its promotional video about the Philippines typhoon, has released a short film aimed at

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“We have truly seen Jehovah’s hand” – the shocking side of Watchtower propaganda

Usually when tragedy strikes, it brings out the very best in people. We remember our common bond of humanity and

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