Watchtower has agreed a deal to sell six of its Brooklyn properties for $375 million

It is being reported that the Watch Tower Society has secured a staggering $375 million deal for six of its most well-known Brooklyn properties.

The deal, signed with property developers RFR and Kushner Companies on July 5th 2013 represents a major leap forward in the relocation of the Society’s headquarters to upstate New York.

Watchtower’s use of the complex dates back 77 years to when the first property (117 Adams Street) was acquired in 1927 during the days of Rutherford.

The properties, familiar to Witnesses from Society publications, include the five factory buildings 117 Adams Street; 175 Pearl Street; 55 Prospect Street; 81 Prospect Street and 77 Sands Street. The tallest of the newly-sold buildings, 90 Sands Street, is a 30-story residential building completed in 1990 to house up to 1000 Bethel workers and visitors.

Below is a Google Earth image showing the locations of the six above-mentioned properties that have been sold…

And the following image shows the proximity of the newly-sold complex (in yellow) to the iconic Columbia Heights buildings (in red) near the Brooklyn waterfront…

What will the buildings be used for?

Civic planners in Brooklyn are trying to create what they call the “Tech Triangle.” By encouraging IT businesses to move into the area close to Brooklyn Bridge, it is hoped that a miniature Silicon Valley will be created within arm’s reach of bustling New York – thus allowing the local economy to prosper.

Brooklyn planners want Watchtower’s former buildings to stimulate the economy by helping create a “Tech Triangle”

Planners view the sale of Watchtower’s buildings, all of which offer “loft-style creative office space,” as key to the Tech Triangle initiative. Tucker Reed, president of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, recently commented: “We identified the Watchtower properties in DUMBO as a key target for active commercial uses for the ‘innovation economy’ as part of our Tech Triangle study.” (DUMBO is an acronym for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”)

Although the majority of ex-Watchtower properties will likely get snapped up by IT companies, the Sands Street residential building could eventually be converted into a hotel. However, if that happens, any new owner will have their work cut out. A source for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle was unimpressed by the Bethel worker accommodation in the building, describing it as “spartan.” As the newspaper comments, “If the purchasers decide to use it as a conventional hotel they will need to combine rooms into larger units and spruce up the amenities.”

What’s the timescale for the move?

Five of the six newly-sold buildings are expected to be vacated as early as September this year, since printing operations have already been transitioned across to Wallkill. However, the 90 Sands Street residential building will continue to be used by the Society until 2017.

Interestingly, a rumour has recently circulated that the Governing Body notified the brothers responsible for planning the new Warwick HQ that they expect the new site to be operational by January 2017, even if this means shortcuts in the construction process. While this rumour is so far unsupported, it will be interesting to see what transpires with the new building project.

A video promoting the Warwick move is shown below…

So why didn’t you mention the price tag, has published a 280-word press release announcing their historic deal, but one piece of information is notable by its absence – the $375 million that Watchtower has gained as a result.

Did omit the $375 million from its press release in case it served to discourage publishers from donating?

It is possible this was a mere oversight, or perhaps Watchtower’s press office didn’t feel the information was relevant. However, the skeptic inside me is inclined to think there was something more deliberate to this glaring omission.

Watchtower is in desperate need of donations, as highlighted by its recent decision to begin accepting credit card donations via (despite having criticized other churches for pursuing similar tactics in the not-so-distant past).

Imagine you are a poor Witness with a large family to provide for. You struggle to pay your own bills, but you still put something aside as a regular donation to the Worldwide Work – even if it means living without life’s small luxuries. Would you be so quick to put that 20 dollar note in the contribution box at the next meeting if you learned that the Society had just gained an extra $375 million? I know I wouldn’t.

It is for this reason that I believe the price tag for the property deal was omitted from the press release deliberately. Watchtower needs your donations, and they know publishers will be slow to donate if they are under the impression that the organization is suddenly flushed with cash.

*** UPDATE ***

Since this article was written, the following video was uploaded to discussing the deal. Notice that, despite praise from the new owners on the condition of the buildings and ease of dealing with the Witnesses, the $375 million pricetag is not mentioned once by the narrator.

But why is Watchtower moving headquarters?

Guy Pierce

One thing can be said with certainty – Jehovah’s direction had little or nothing to do with the Governing Body‘s decision to relocate world headquarters to upstate New York. This was admitted by Guy Pierce at the Annual Meeting in 2011, as revealed in a subsequent Watchtower article…

“There are plans to develop a 248-acre (100 ha) property at Warwick. ‘Although we are not yet certain of Jehovah’s will regarding Warwick,’ said Brother Pierce, ‘we are proceeding to develop the site with the intention of relocating the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses there.‘ Plans are also being made to use a 50-acre (20 ha) parcel of land situated six miles (10 km) north of Warwick to facilitate the staging of machinery and building material. ‘Once construction is permitted, we hope to complete the entire project within four years,’ said Brother Pierce. ‘Then our property in Brooklyn can be sold.'” (w12 8/15 pp. 16-19, click here to read on Watchtower Online Library)

(Top) previous buildings on the Warwick site, (Bottom) artists impression of what the new headquarters complex will look like

This startling admission by Brother Pierce begs the question: “If the Governing Body aren’t even certain that Jehovah supports their decision to move, then why are they so eager to see these plans through?”

Rather than being motivated by any logistical or organizational demands, Watchtower’s move upstate carries an enormous financial incentive. By relocating to where land and property is relatively cheap, Watchtower can free up eye-watering amounts of money that for decades has been tied up in prime real estate in Brooklyn.

For example, last year (2012) Watchtower pocketed $81 million from the sale of the Bossert Hotel. In the same year, 183 Columbia Heights, 165 Columbia Heights and 50 Orange Street were sold for $6.6 million, $4.1 million and $7.1 million respectively.

In fact, every few years since 2004 (when 360 Furman Street was sold for $205 million), the Society has made millions by cashing in on the following properties…

  • 2004 – 360 Furman Street – sold for $205 million
  • 2006 – 67 Livingston Street – sold for $18.6 million
  • 2006 – 89 Hicks Street – sold for $14 million
  • 2007 – 169 Columbia Heights – sold for $50 million
  • 2011 – 50 Orange Street – sold for $7.1 million
  • 2012 – 165 Columbia Heights – sold for $4.1 million
  • 2012 – 161 Columbia Heights – sold for $3 million
  • 2012 – 183 Columbia Heights – sold for $6.6 million
  • 2012 – 105 Willow Street – sold for $3.3 million
  • 2012 – 34 Orange Street – sold for $2.825 million
  • 2012 – Bossert Hotel – sold for $81 million
  • 2012 – 67 Remsen Street – sold for $3.25 million
  • 2013 – 173 Front Street, 177 Front Street & 200 Water Street – sold for $30.6 million
  • 2013 – 55 Prospect Street, 81 Prospect Street, 117 Adams Street, 77 Sands Street, 90 Sands Street & 175 Pearl Street – sold for $375 million

TOTAL (so far) – $804,375,000

Selling 360 Furman Street (top) and the Bossert Hotel (bottom) has already netted the Society a fortune

As you can see, based on the above list, Watchtower will have earned more than $800 million from the sale of properties once this sales is complete. Bear in mind the majority of the above properties were acquired at a fraction of the selling cost using donated funds, and renovated using a volunteer workforce. By the time the iconic Columbia Heights headquarters offices have been sold and the move is complete, the 1 Billion dollar mark could easily be surpassed.

For this reason, it is more lucrative to build a brand new headquarters in the middle of nowhere and go to the considerable trouble of relocating millions of dollars worth of equipment if this means freeing up the Society’s Brooklyn goldmine and pocketing a sorely needed cash windfall.

It may seem that Watchtower is flushed with money as a result of these sales – and indeed it may well be for the time being. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is bright and rosy for Watchtower’s future aspirations. As organizational downsizing continues, necessitated by stagnating publisher growth, and with the world awaiting the outcome of the Society’s appeal to the Conti verdict, don’t be surprised if this cash windfall gets used up more quickly than anyone expects.







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42 thoughts on “Watchtower nets $375 million cash windfall from Brooklyn factory sale

  • July 11, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    Well now would be a very good time then for them to settle their affairs with individuals before they become more passionate and animated and tactical as well…

  • July 11, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    Funny how we’re living in the “last day,” of this system yet the GB finds the time to build a new headquarters.

  • July 12, 2013 at 2:10 am

    Once they’ve sold all these expensive properties, they won’t be able to do it again, so it really is a going to be a case of diminishing returns in the future. I imagine that in a few years time they will have to downsize their new headquarters…

  • July 12, 2013 at 6:42 am

    $375 Million / 7 million JWs = $53.57 million per publisher!

    • May 6, 2016 at 5:05 am

      I think it’s $53.57 per person… I also got confused !
      ; )
      These numbers are mind-boggling.
      And to think, none of them will see a cent. As far as I know, they buy literature, give it away, and also give back and ‘contributions’ they might get. Insane.

  • July 12, 2013 at 9:34 am

    That should cover a few pedophile cases!

  • July 12, 2013 at 11:01 am

    It has been 33 yrs ago that I was married in a kingdom hall at the tender age of 21. 12 yrs later because of my dissent my x wife a JW had manipulated the elder body into thinking I committed fornication in order to get out of the marriage because I no longer believed in their beliefs that are so flawed that any normal thinking person could logically deduce. I was DF’d although I now consider myself never a member even though I was baptized at 15. I was forced by my then Elder father to get baptized or else I would be on the street. Looking back now that i’m in my mid 50’s I ask myself why my parents ever bought into that crap? But I now know it was brain washing and false hope in unrealistic promises. So here we are and the society is in a mad scramble to consolidate their real estate holdings. This tells me they are nothing more then a bunch of users of people who give their money and free time under the guise of yet another religion profiting from the masses of people under handedly. At best its a business that steals money and time from their workers. I hope that all the coming cases for child abuse deplete their revenues in time and that people in their fold will finally see what this world wide organization is really all about. It has been my experience that anyone who ever got involved or is involved has a real serious character defect in that they can’t do their own thinking for themselves or want the easy way out of life. They display the poor me low self esteem attitude that most JW’s have not to mention I have to be always be right because this is all I got to show for as a person in this world. I always tell my 3 adult children to break the chain of dependency on all the negative effects that have come upon them because of their moms persistence to uphold Gods true organization. Thankfully they have done their own research and have come to a real understanding about this cult religion that ruins so many lives. It is my hope that they will decline rapidly as time goes on through the posting of articles such as this. This is real and truthful information that is black and white unlike the GB who interprets and mal-aligns scriptures to falsely support their belief system.

  • July 12, 2013 at 11:40 am

    No doubt a great deal for the Brooklyn borough area as it will enhance the area with new tax dollars that have not been paid on those buildings for many years due to religious exemption. Those buildings were maintained by free labor and donations from its members. Now it’s time to pay the piper for all the Watchtower society’s lawsuit’s regarding it’s child abuse scandal’s. One such as Candace Conti who won the largest lawsuit at 28 million dollars because of the watchtower society’s flawed policy’s about reporting child abuse in their ranks. While granted they may be good neighbors on the outside but inside they take on a whole new personality. I have a suggestion in that all their 7 million plus members receive a bonus off that $375 million dollars. Somehow I think they would never do such a thing even out of love to all their members for their free labor and donations over the years. The sale of these properties represent a decline in this organization. On the plus side while someone declines another benefits through the sale of these buildings. No doubt they will provide job’s and tax dollars for a rather slumber economic return of the economy

  • July 13, 2013 at 4:58 am

    Apologies to all! I have been forced to update this article after learning that Watchtower has actually made over $800million on its Brooklyn properties over the last nine years rather than the $675million that was initially reported.

    • July 13, 2013 at 8:49 am

      Again another example of showing true honesty and not inflating the numbers and saying your sorry for the mistake. Its good to be humble as it attracts the right kind of people for the purpose for which you write. Thanks again for your honest efforts in exposing the real truth. Many will benefit in or out of the WTBS by your diligent research of the real “Truth”

  • July 13, 2013 at 8:07 am

    Your writings have and are being featured in the letter writing campaign that was the basis for the DC talk about Human Apostates where “letters are being written to the loyal ones”. The Conti case will be the trigger that will make a 9 year letter writing campaign succesful. Being able to use your work has done much in feeding the grape vine that reads those letters. For years I have been nothing more than a demented, sore looser who lost his family over the WTBS involvement with a securties swindler. Now because of the legal material and the scope of the mind game being played that letter writing campaign is taking on a more ominous stature as to be noted in a DC manuscript. These latest blogs as to money is the material that will have a impact on the minds of local Church grape vine.
    Thank You Rabshakeh

  • July 13, 2013 at 8:43 am

    It only a matter of time. My son who is now 31 and was raised a Jw by my x wife said to me in 2006 that the demise of the WTBS will be the internet. He at my suggestion and help went to college and has a MBA in Psychology. I find it so Ironic that he now works for the x CIO of Google Douglas Merrill who had a great part in the whole Google machine. So the WTBS could write all they want in a attempt to thwart the so called apostates, but a quick search of their own published articles shows how much they lie and play mind games with everyone. The old saying of lets just generalize and throw name tags against the wall and see if it sticks game is soon coming to a end for them. I find it when someone usually attacks your person with such words as “Mentally Diseased” then its them that they are really talking about. It just disgusts me and shows me to what depths this cult will go to in order to preserve its WW agenda of recruiting and maintaining their ranks. What goes around comes around will be the order of the day for the WTBS soon enough.

  • July 14, 2013 at 3:50 am

    aw, who the heck cares how much they got?!? like any other business entity/activities, JW’s sold something, got paid & everybody moved on. why waste time whining & criticizing them for doing legally what was their choice?!?!? seems more like x-JW’s & super-critical, complaining Conspiracy Thinkers on the run to vent & babble just to stir things up against some good people (& not just JW’s either..) as far as i can tell. Christendom & the Vatican do crap like this all the freakin’ time, even investing in several movies, including R-Rated films & nobody gives a crap about that-!! why pick on these folks?!?!? waste of time & words to me..!

    • July 14, 2013 at 4:14 am

      Hello doog

      “aw, who the heck cares how much they got?!?”

      Er, the people who donated the money in the first place? Not to mention all those who have forsaken a decent education and well-paid jobs so the Society can profit from their efforts and make hundreds of millions through selling property?

      “JW’s sold something, got paid & everybody moved on.”

      You can use that ‘argument’ with pretty much everything the Society does. “The Society banned blood transfusions, thousands of people died & everybody moved on.”

      “why waste time whining & criticizing them for doing legally what was their choice?!?!?”

      No one is questioning the legality of it, just the motives behind it. Besides, this is the internet, and I and many others are free to dish out genuine criticism where it is due whenever we like. If you want strict information control, I suggest you stick to reading Watchtower publications and (like the Governing Body have told you to do).

      “Christendom & the Vatican do crap like this all the freakin’ time”

      Ah yes, the “everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?” argument. If the Society’s publications have taught you anything, it is that just because a course of action is popular doesn’t make it right – especially when it’s false religion that is setting the standards.

      • August 1, 2013 at 1:23 pm


        • October 4, 2016 at 4:18 am

          cant understand you!

    • October 4, 2016 at 4:14 am

      My dad is disabled, we were a family of 6 people living on my dads disability allowance. He was still/is a regular pioneer and gave donations faithfully to the society every month from our small allowance. We grew up poor. But my dad has a generous heart, he would share whatever we had with people in need whether JW or not, and he always gave generously to the society. That’s why I’m bothered about how much money and property they have and hide from its members whilst simultaneously slagging down other religions for being materialistic. they roll in it because they drain the poor. As children we needed that money, You’d see the C.O.’s driving around in the newest cars and at the same time I wouldn’t often get pocket money and even then as a child I would contribute my little monies here and there because I felt like Jehovah asked for and needed it and it would made me a better person from as early as 4,5 years old. That’s what makes it disgusting and wrong.

    • January 16, 2017 at 3:47 am


  • July 14, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    doog, What are you implying? That JWs are being judged by the GB’s publications like the Watchtower study edition of 15 June 2012 p.18 as they are comparable with other religions… We read: “Today, the churches and their ministers have lost the respect and support of the masses. In fact, many people believe that religion contributes to or causes conflict. An increasingly vocal and militant group of Western intellectuals is calling for the end of religion’s influence on society.” (

  • July 24, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    WOW….there is no other response needed after yours Cedars….hands down…and there is also no reply that can be given to your response lol. thank you :)

  • July 27, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    1) reason for locating to Brooklyn from Pittsburgh/Allegheny was given as “locating near shipping ports (sea, air and land)”. That is very diminished in age where intermodal trains and planes haul sea-going containers from coast to midlands in hours, not days.

    2) distancing from the past–Brooklyn Tabernacle the last vestige of Charles Taze Russell’s legacy is still in use as storage [yes, the church with its crosses]

    3) cash is tied-up in these properties? — the property has value and that is released by the sale of it; the property taxes are a prime reason for evacuating prime real estate

    4) Global warming is a real threat — it is projected that Brooklyn and coastal cities will be inundated in a few decades, or century, so relocating to higher ground while the prices are relatively low is an ideal gambit.

    5) The actual location of the site for Watchtower new HQ is not “cheap” real estate. Tuxedo Park, NY was/is an elite area containing “old money” elites and other “blue bloods”. A modest 2-acre estate runs US$3-5M. (Running “comps” — 248 / 2-acre estates = 124 * 4M = US$496M [rough estimate]).

    • October 4, 2016 at 4:25 am

      1. surely Jehovah would not allow Bethel to be flooded?! Moving means they don’t trust in Him to protect his temple!
      2. Surely the end is coming before global warming gets that bad?!!!
      3. If the whole of Brooklyn did get flooded, surely the Bethel has some sort of button it can press like in the Warrick lake that will turn it into a floating ark of something? Jehovah willing?

  • August 1, 2013 at 1:14 pm


  • August 1, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    By the way, for those who are curious about how the Watchtower scouted this prime real estate in upstate New York…

    The name of the road on which the property is located between Warwick, NY and Tuxedo Park, NY should give you a hint. It’s off of Kings Drive. This was the location of The King’s College of New York (now in Manhattan) satellite campus in Tuxedo Park, NY. The university went into receivership in the mid-1990’s and most likely this property was sold so it could improve its fiscal state. King’s College is a conservative [it goes without saying?] Christian College that is now affiliated with the former Campus Crusade for Christ [now “The Cru”].

    [Christianity Today article]

    For those who are historical buffs, you may recall that this is similar to how Bethel was established in the Brooklyn area, shortly after the Plymouth Church sold Henry Ward Beecher’s residence and pastor cottage to Russell to establish a residence for the Bethel “volunteers” and later the church property at 17 Hicks Street to form the first “Brooklyn Tabernacle” [no offense intended toward Pastor Jim Cymbala and wife]. This location and the site at 75 Hicks Street were possibly stops on the Underground Railroad as Henry Ward Beecher [yes, brother to Harriet Beecher Stowe whose book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was harshly criticized in the pages of the Watchtower] was an abolitionist as was Henry Grew [see my part 2 post “The Company You Keep”]. By this time, the adultery trial with Henry Ward Beecher in 1875 was a faded memory along with Beecher who passed in 1887. The Plymouth Church, however, was no longer desiring to hold these properties in addition to its new location up the block.

    The 124 Columbia Heights address is just up the street from another famous resident of Brooklyn named Hart Crane–a poet who lived at 110, by the way, with his lover Emil Opffer, a Danish sailor, in 1920’s. Famous film student James Franco delivered a film titled after one of Crane’s poems, “The Broken Tower” in 2011 which covers this resident’s bio in surreal treatment. The segment of Brooklyn where Bethel properties were originated was an artist community and bohemian fit for the free-thinking radicals inclined to adopt Russell’s views as published in the Watchtower publications.

  • August 27, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Its really sad to me how JW’s who support the WBTS just overlook the facts and go straight to your an apostate. I was in the religion my entire life baptized for 25 years husband baptized for 23 years. The reason we knew nothing about things the GB and Society (as we used to call them did)was because we blindly listen to the admonition to not read or look and anything against JW words. But although it makes me sad that many are blind to the truth the fact they do come on here and say what they say gives me hope… because faithful in little is faithful in much..they love to share that scripture so when a JW is reading and commenting then already they are slowly breaking the rules… HOORAY!!

  • August 28, 2013 at 2:35 am

    How come these people can’t spell or use correct grammar? I find it very depressing that this kind of capitalised cods wallop is the best that they can do.


  • October 12, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    If you actually believe that Jehovah has not been involved in the fire sale of our properties since 2004 then you know NOTHING about our God. Do you think he would reveal to Satan’s world what his intention is in these sales ? You will know when ITS TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING about it.

  • February 13, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    Saved as a favorite, I like your website!

  • May 4, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    I don’t think so…not 53,57 million per publisher. More like 53,57 dollars per publisher. Or 53 million dollars per 1 million publishers. Do your math better sweetpie.

  • May 4, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    Could you imagine if every congregation with a hundred publishers was assessed a per publisher “fee” and that the reason for this fee was announced at a service meeting and passed as a resolution? $5,357 per congregation! Wow! What a wake up call!

  • May 4, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    Sorry…got my figures all messed up…was imagining a congregation assessment for the Candace Conti case! my bad

  • September 2, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    I am really already sorry for you
    Because you are forgetting one thing.
    This whole preaching started by Jesus Christ..was followed by first century disciples and Christians
    And there is tremendous spiritual feeding that today’s society or Jesus followers continuing in the work of our lord.
    Our donations are sent for the worldwide preaching everyone will learn the truth about why mankind need Gods Kingdom which will restore
    And fix all problems that non of past or present neither
    Future government will.
    If you would study the bible deep and prayed more
    You would be not walking in darkness as you are now
    Because the bible message is very clear and is only one.
    Jehovah is blessing his faithful ones and directing his channel to do exactly what needs to be done.
    All donations are used to help many either to feed us spiritually…I am so thankful for our watchtower and awake magazine…so accurate information and biblical aid that can not be found among any of other magazines…
    The many books that are published to gain even more insight and details a ouch each Jehovah’s prophet that ever lived…
    The Kingdom Halls are build for many so they would enjoy all we we do…
    I am more than willing to pay my 20 dollars as my share for this…because as any true Christian
    cares and love our neighbor.
    That also shows when natural disaster strikes
    We are there as the first ones to give the first aid
    and food and clothes and shelters.
    Nothing is hidden we know where our donations are
    Not like many other donations which disappears
    Mainly to support wars and making nuclear bombs and
    I am sorry that you don’t have good memories
    serving Jehovah… he is the one who loved you first
    But will not tolerate all the wickedness in the world
    For too long.
    Go back to your bible and see for yourself
    How Jehovah dealt with people and why Jesus said to pray for Gods Kingdom to come and that the good news has to be preach first.
    Because that’s all what we do until Jehovah’s day will come.

  • September 11, 2014 at 7:50 am

    I normally would just pass a website like this because it is not worth the time or energy to do so since it most certainly will fall on those whose minds are closed to any reason. However if there may be someone on here who will look at facts and not just ones wild accusations, then please continue reading. First, everything anybody does in life is their own choice. As a witness for many years, I have to choice everyday to do whatever I want wherever I want whenever I want. As long as this stands in line with bible based morals and principals. The Governing Body has never once told me what to do as in saying you must do this or you must do that. Any and all of our publications state SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES that state what Gods view on whatever matters being discussed are. In regard blood transfusions, it is up to a person what they do. However, in our publications, if you took the time to read them, you would see that the GB does site scriptural references for Gods view on blood. We feel Gods word the bible is among other things, a guidebook to how to live our lives, so if it is written in the bible we follow it. And if you read Acts 15:20,28, 29 you will see right there in just one spot where the Governing Body at that time, The Apostles were talking about changes gentiles had to make to be pleasing to God and what does it say? You must abstain from Blood. True they didn’t do blood transfusions back in the first century, but stand to reason because God views blood as sacred, and he tells us not to eat it, it would stand to “reason” you wouldn’t want it injected into your body either. Also, you neglect to mention the countless articles available from doctors all over where many medical improvements have been made in many medical areas due to doctors accommodating our choice in abstaining from blood. Also the fact that people still contract diseases from blood transfusions today. God doesn’t want anybody to die, but that is the sad truth of this system. Just like those that died for there belief in a concentration camp, we will serve our God the way he asks of us no matter the cost.

    In regards what the GB sells properties for, I as one of many who freely donate WHEN I CAN, not when Im forced as you state, know they properly use the money we send along with money they make of the properties to continue to provide disaster relief, building of new congregations and so on. In fact all congregations have been paid off recently another gift to help us. But people on the outside don’t see these things, and places like on here don’t report that. And earlier comment stated oh how evil they are that they allow credit cards for donations, um I’m thankful for that, because I barely ever use cash. I don’t use my credit either, I use debit, so I don’t see the problem there.

    You know, to save time, I would just like to mention another thing, God straight up asked his people in the bible for a percentage of their actual income. And this was used to at that time adorn his temple with Gold and fine carvings. And when Jesus saw the poor woman donate all that she had, did he take out of the donations money and give it back to her saying here you need this more than my father? No, he knew just as I and other witnesses know, when we do what God asks of us, he will provide for us. The bible states he provides for the sparrows, so how much more so will he make sure we are taken care of. He doesn’t promise us BMW’s and mansions, but sustenance and covering. So I know it will never happen, I truly would like it if it did, but I really wish people like yourself and this website would realize everything we as witnesses represent and publish and distribute, is from the bible and is with hopes of teaching others the truth found in the bible that will set men free. And that people like yourself who try to say how evil the Governing body is, you have no evidence of that. Having met some myself, they are not high fluting living in mansions people like every other Televangelist or mega church pastor, they live modest lives in service to us. They go around encouraging us at our conventions all year long, and dedicate there lives in the service to our almighty. And if you actually took the time to set back and look at what you say, and do the research you would see really you don’t agree with Jehovah Gods view on how we should live our lives. Which as I stated at the beginning, we all have our own right to make choices in how we live our lives. But we choose to serve our Great God Almighty, no matter what.

  • September 11, 2014 at 8:03 am

    not talking to apostates is a protection. because sadly they have placed themselves before Jehovah in importance. We no longer speak to those disfellowshipped because we follow again what the bible tells us to do, you know the scripture. And we hope our disassociation will help them realize the repercussions of their actions and the error of their way. But with apostates as yourself, I will share one thing. None I have ever come across have stepped back and looked around for any other religion that is as peaceful and adheres to the bible better the JW’s. Because as you well know, there is not religion out there that does. All apostates as yourself state how bad JW religion is, but if you believe in God, he always has had a people separate from the masses. And never have I seen any apostate offer a better solution. And that is why we are told to avoid contact. All you do is tear down and you never build up. You are a sheep without a Shepard and you lash out in your sadness to try and take down any and everybody else with you. Who does that sound like? Someone else that has only a short time left. We are told biblically to not waste our time speaking to your likes because as did your master, you have sinned against the Holy spirit, knowing the truth and then turning against it.

  • September 11, 2014 at 10:38 am

    Hi Wow. More than anything in the world, I wished you were right about what you are saying. Then I wouldn’t feel so depressed over having spent my entire life serving what to me is a “false” religion. Can you come up with any kind of proof that Jehovah God chose Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1919 as his one and only true religion? If you could do that, I would be the happiest person in the world and would go back to the Kingdom hall and “repent” of my sins. If you can’t do that, then you are going on “faith” without any evident demonstration of any realities and that kind of faith is worthless. You are putting your very life in the hands of these men, whether you live or die by going on their opinion of what the Bible means by abstaining from blood. We all know how convincing the literature can be but none of us examined the history of the organization in 1919 BEFORE we got baptized and there was a very good reason for that.

    • August 13, 2015 at 9:55 pm

      To Anonymous,

      I know you posted almost a year ago, and perhaps you will never see this. But, you asked if we could “prove” this is God’s organization. I am truly sorry you regret your years spent as a Witness, and I want you to know that I understand what it is to have doubt.
      I ask you only to consider this:
      Who taught you God’s name? It is an undisputed fact that his name is Jehovah…yet, why does only ONE religion give God’s name such importance?

      Who taught you that you won’t burn in hell? While you left the organization with likely many emotions, I am certain the fear of eternal fiery torment was not one of them. You know what the bible says about the state of the dead, it is plainly stated in ALL bibles….so why does only one religion make that clear to followers?

      Who told you of an Earthly resurrection? Again, the scriptures promising such are not confusing, not subject to interpretation. All Christian bibles spell out clearly that humans can attain a resurrection to life on Earth, a paradise Earth that they can inhabit forever….so why are we the only religion that teaches its members something so basic?

      Who taught you that God and Jesus are Father and Son, not one and the same? Again, it is spelled out clearly for any who read it, in any bible…”my Father sent me” “the Father is greater than I am” “Only the Father knows the day and hour…” Even secular scholars acknowledge the Trinity doctrine has no scriptural basis….so why are we the only ones teaching people this?

      I could go on, but you know the facts. Think on them, and ask yourself why? Why, when these things are blatantly obvious, why is only ONE religion consistently acknowledging them?

      There are many who cry foul because the organization has publicly acknowledged errors in teaching- “changed their mind” if you will. I ask you…is that not a sign of humility? We never claimed perfection, or infallibality. We are students of the bible, praying for God’s guidance in interpreting it. We make mistakes, as many other religions have over the years. The difference is, WE admit it. We humbly say we were wrong. Other religions cling to ridiculous disproven doctrine on the basis of pride and tradition.

      Lastly…the bible is not a book of easy rules to living. Living by its principles is hard, very hard at times. Yet, what religion consistently stands firm in adhering to those principles, while the rest of the world softens their view, preferring to have their ears tickled?

      O can not “prove” to you this is God’s organization. But when considering the questions above, I have come to the conclusion that it is far more likely to be than any other religion I have examined. The truth DOES set you free…free of doubt. Jehovah gives us all of the answers we need in the bible, and he also provides is the questions to ask. It is up to us to pay attention to the results.

      • August 14, 2015 at 3:50 am

        Sue B,

        Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that you are trying to help anonymous, and by extension, all of us here.

        No one knows the ineffable name of God. We have the consonants, but no one knows exactly which vowel sounds to use.

        The name “Jehovah” was penned by a Catholic monk, and it is not in any way the name of God. It is important to know what the name means, not to use it constantly. Otherwise, God would have preserved the correct pronunciation and spelling, wouldn’t he? Please do your research on this, and all the other “proofs” you have provided.

        Peace be with you, Excelsior!

  • October 5, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    Can it truthfully be stated that they have “made” that amount if money when it is being reinvested in another location for the same purpose? I mean, sure it’s more than they paid for it, but that should be expected over a 70 year investment, right? To say they’re rolling in dough is misleading. The purchases, renovations and careful maintenance of the properties seems like it’s been a very win win scenario for NYC AND a good and long term investment for the WT, who is using the funds to move forward with their work. Donald Trump would be envious of their stewardship- as should anyone else!

    • August 14, 2015 at 3:52 am


      Yes, it can be said that the WTBTS has made that money!

      Please do your research!

      Peace be with you, Excelsior!

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